Friday, August 30, 2013

Militaristic Empire Prepares to Strike

So, here we are, once again; and our tax-paid spokesperson for the Emperor  ... uh, the President ... says there is "a time-compressed window" for making the announced yet unannounced and unprovoked attack on Syria because ... argle-bargle and blah-blah ... but there is no precise goal or designated end-point ... and, uh, ... this may be a symbolic attack ... except it won't be symbolic for those killed or maimed. And it won't be symbolic for our national morality, if there is one of those left; and it won't be symbolic for our national treasury which is in a sequester ... except if the Emperor/King/Prez decides on his own to attack some country/place/people/symbol.

Blah-blah-blah - been here, done that waaaaaaay too much, and I am beyond sick of this.

(But did you notice that the Parliament of Great Britain had an actual debate and said, "Fuck no!" and the British PM said, "Geez, guys/gals, I thought I knew ye; but ye have spoken, and I accept that I am not Emperor and will forget my heretofore bold embrace of the U.S. Emperor's determination.")

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