Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Day

It was another day in Amurrica - a day dominated by reports of the Witless One From Wasilla screeching, blaming, lying and failing to complete a sentence.

After an hour of reading about this, I left home to walk to a doctor's appointment and found America, again. I spoke to a man sitting at a bus stop who was wearing a NY Yankees baseball cap, and we talked about the prospects for the upcoming season. He asked about the Cardinals when he saw my cap. It was a nice interaction, one I initiated because I wanted to be engaged in this place that I love, that is home, and be back in America again, at least for awhile.

It had rained sometime before I was awake, so the streets were partly wet, partly dry. It is winter, but in New Orleans that means that it is likely not to be too hot to wear jeans; it was about 65 and very pleasant.

I went on to see my doctor and had a good talk with her; as usual, she had worthwhile suggestions, including "accept yourself; you are okay and fairly normal. You are handling things/life much better than you once did." She listened well, and I felt more accepting of my situation by the time I left. I was intending to walk home, but drizzly rain began so I took the bus, which luckily arrived just as I got to the bus stop. 

When I got home, I took a nap, which felt good. The craziness is still going on in Amurrica - two nitwits gave speeches blaming Obama about nearly everything, and at Oral Roberts Looniversity, to bad. What a mess; what a country.

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