Thursday, January 14, 2016

Living Through an Anxious Day

Yesterday, after an early surprise, I confronted the anxiety I felt and found a surprising response: "regardless of result, it will be all right." So, I ate regularly, read a lot, moved around a little, waited awhile, read some more, contemplated a nap ... did not take it, but read some more.

In earlier times I have had trouble handling anxiety - lots of trouble. I have spent much - way too much - of my life wondering worriedly "What if?" (This worry has not led to commensurate accomplishment.)

A valued result came yesterday from fearful but direct and honest action the day before. Some insight came to me as a result of committing to open communication yesterday. Some freedom resulted today from lessening of the power of yesterday's anxiety.

So, openness has been fruitful in results and in feeling at (relative) peace. I will endeavor to be more peaceful ... and therefore fruitful.

[I continue to be grateful for the words and wisdom of Alan Watts, Gail Wilson and Jason Weston.]

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