Sunday, February 14, 2016

Musings about USA/Amurrica/'Merica/Amerika

This has been some week. A family member is angry at me for failing to honor my father and my mother. The Mardi Gras period has ended here in South Lu'Zana. And in the public life of Our Republic there have been the death of Scalia and the carnival event of the Republicans' latest "debate." Quite a week, yessiree.

As I have read, powerful Senatorial Republicans have declared that they will not honor the President's Constitutionally-mandated appointment of a Supreme Court Justice - all while maintaining that they love, cherish and obey the Constitution. Their view that the current Prez cannot effectually appoint a Justice is disingenuously based on their stated belief that "the people" should have a say in who is appointed, notwithstanding that the people have chosen Barack Obama twice, by compelling margins, to be precisely the person who is not only authorized to make these appointments but required to do so by that same Constitution. In my opinion the real foundation for their view is that the President is black, secondarily that they are not quite sure he is Christian, or at least not a Christian as in the Conservative White Christianity that they purport - or pretend - to follow.

Does a significant proportion of likely Republican primary voters view the "debates" so far of that Party with alarm? Does a significant proportion of them find them satisfying and helpful to them in discerning who to vote for, who would be a good President and who would be a wise and judicious Commander-in-Chief? Alternately, is there a significant proportion who are appalled at the substance of these "debates" but who are nonetheless thrilled at the spectacle?

The ultimate convergent on one nominee and the changes of attitudes of those not chosen will be interesting to see. The effect on the populace and the preservation of the Republic, on the other hand, of the calamitous debates and the actions of the Senate might well be more than interesting.

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