Monday, April 11, 2016

Bernie-Shirt Reactions

I wore one of my Bernie shirts today and walked to a doctor's appointment & then the library. On the way a couple of guys gave a thumbs up. In the medical building a white 20-something woman with a toddler in the elevator said something that seemed positive but that I could not decipher; so I said, "And we all need to get together to elect whoever wins the Democratic nomination." She noticeably physically reacted and said, "Not Hillary, no matter what they do to me!"

Outside the library, a black woman 35-40 smiled and said something positive about the shirt as we were walking towards one another. I smiled and said, "I'm hopeful." She said, "I am, too; and I just can't go for Hillary, anymore. There was a time, but not now. But, you know, we need for this sniping and attacking to stop. We're starting to look like the Republicans." I agreed with that.

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  1. It is remarkable how so many people are now reflecting my own concerns about Hillary Clinton.