Saturday, July 9, 2016

Murder, American Style

It resumes - the American way of police officers murdering black men.

And then - the murder of many police officers in Dallas.

And now - the futile and (likely) cynical statements of politicians that "we are all in this together" - we are not - and "we are better than this" - we are not. This is exactly who we are as a culture: violent, intolerant, racist and immature. And an aspect of our immaturity is our refusal to see that we are not all in this together - we are riven by class problems and privilege claims, but many of us are safe from the direct impact of our class and race problems. Another aspect of our immaturity is that many of us believe that we are better than this because we have religious beliefs that tell us we are better than this; but those beliefs do not prove themselves, and facing our ineptitude as fellow citizens and our racist and other privilege claims requires setting aside the beliefs we have in ourselves and in the exalted condition many believe we are in because of our religion.

We will not become the better, more caring, less violent and less race-and-class-based culture than we are currently in until we grow up, value education again (as we once did), recognize dangerous weapons for the danger they create, and live by the values we have long claimed in our founding documents but not yet lived beginning with the belief that all are created equal. We have never lived that, never believed it; but we have complimented and soothed ourselves by saying we believed it. Enough of childishness - our egos - and enough of childish things - weapons made only to kill.

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